About Dicmo

The municipality of Dicmo is part of Dalmatian Zagora. It is located on the mainland of the Split-Dalmatia County, in the immediate vicinity of Split, as the largest city in the county. The municipality of Dicmo occupies a significant geographical position and borders the town of Sinj on the north side, the town of Trilje on the east, the municipality of Dugopolje on the south, and the municipalities of Muć and Klis on the west. The municipality of Dicmo consists of seven settlements: Dicmo Ercegovci, Dicmo Kraj, Dicmo Krušvar, Dicmo Osoje, Dicmo Prisoje, Dicmo Sičane, Dicmo Sušci.

The last population census in 2011 established the number of 2802 inhabitants in the territory of the Dicmo municipality. The number of inhabitants determined by the 2011 census by settlements:

  • Dicmo Ercegovci – 143 inhabitants
  • Dicmo Kraj – 514 inhabitants
  • Dicmo Krušvar – 490 inhabitants
  • Dicmo Osoje – 388 inhabitants
  • Dicmo Prisoje – 643 inhabitants
  • Dicmo Sičane – 502 inhabitants
  • Dicmo Sušci – 122 inhabitants

Local committees

  • Dicmo Ercegovci
  • Dicmo Kraj
  • Dicmo Krušvar
  • Dicmo Osoje
  • Dicmo Prisoje
  • Dicmo Sičane
  • Dicmo Sušci

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